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Odd Godager & Co. and Bucha Godager & Co. were the disponent owning companies the two brothers Odd and capt. Jul Bucha Godager established their shipping activities, as early as 1929. Their father, who died 58 years old, was shipbroker Oscar Fredrik Godager, in the southern town of Brevik, Norway.

Shipowner Jan Bucha Godager pairing up with commercial partners Fearnleys (Fearnley & Egers Befraktningsforretning) in Oslo and A/S Navare in Bergen, built one of the leading  shipowning companies in Norway at the time, with several hundred employees and more than 15 dry cargo- and tanker vessels, off- shore drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, offices in London and Houston Texas, and a wood working industry inland Norway (Østerdalen).

Following several very profitable years between 1960 and 1980, the companies divested, and the partnership I/S Norse Mountain was dissolved, and with it the ship owning- and management activities.  Godager Management AS (former Rederi A/S Odd Godager & Co. og Odd Godager & Co. AS) is the surviving company after 90 years of history, which included  shipowners Cardigan Shipping Company Ltd. i England.

Odd Godager (63) has a BA with honors from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland and more than 30 years of experience from ship finance, corporate finance, Carbon Capture and Storage, Commercial Real Estate and general management as CFO and CEO. From 2010 up to 2019 he headed the commercial real estate projects with Cleaves Securities AS and worked with the corporate finance team on green tech analysis, start-ups and finance for early stage sustainable business models. Read his profile on linkedin. The com. real estate portfolio return was between 8 og 25% p.a. (IRR).

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