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Commercial Real Estate Norway
org nr. NO 919 511 664

CREN offers consultancy and assistance to both local and foreign commercial real estate owners and investors primarily in the Norwegian commercial real estate market, directly or through our established contacts: 


Our consultant services comprises:

  • Project Facilitation & Handling (Operational) 

    • Management Coordination / Operations / Maintenance Planning

    • Documentation Handling and Systems

      • FDV; Norwegian Industry Standard for "Management, Operations and Maintenance documentation" 

    • General Problem Solving

    • Financing Proposals; both equity and mortgage financing 

    • Due Diligence Procedures

    • Representation and BOD

  • Investment Implementation and Introductory (Financial)

    • Analysis​ and Budgeting

    • Pricing

    • Deal Structuring

    • Presentations

    • Documentation

    • Operations & Maintenance

    • Divestment

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